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This is the unbelievable story of Meir Bolka, a chubby, loud, and smiling food photographer, who unwittingly became a "hunter of Jewish cemeteries" in Poland (in his own words), or the "most hated Jew on earth" (in the words of Polish newspapers). Bolka, who in recent years has been fighting the Polish bureaucratic authorities every day, with the aim of saving the rest of the memory of the Jewish people from another disaster, embarks in the film on a strange and disturbed journey, following ten lost Torah scrolls and a Jewish-Israeli-Polish journey filled with heartbreak, laugh-out-loud humor, and a journey into the world of the remaining Jews, the destroyed Jewish world, and the wonderful and strange Meir Bolka, who mediates between the two.



Yohai Rosenberg

Directed by:


Yohai Rosenberg

Produced by:


Yohai Rosenberg

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