In the Middle of Life

Narrative fiction - In production

A film about the redemption of a man. Jonathan's life (40, a handsome pilot) is on the precipice, he feels lost even though his life is perfect. One day he finds out that his wife Sherry (36) has terminal cancer and his days left with her are few. He decides to make a change in his life but doesn't know how. A chance meeting in the hospital with Nissim (50), a charismatic rabbi from the settlement in Samaria, makes Jonathan embark on the path of repentance. Jonathan finds his refuge in religion but at the same time he has to deal with his wife's illness, his little son Noam (a naughty 3-year-old), and his growing desire for his wife's younger sister Ahinoam. The process that Jonathan will go through will lead him to peace and happiness which he dreams of.



Livnat Vardi Or Zach

Directed by:


Danny Raisfeld

Produced by:


United King

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